The Hacker's Guide to Employee Engagement

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Win from Within by Listening to Employees

  • Introduction
  • Defining Employee Engagement
  • Personal and Organizational Engagement
  • Culture: The defining quotient for engagement
  • Best Practices
  • And much more!

"Engaged employees will make you money, disengaged employees will cost you money" - Marshall Goldsmith.

Employee engagement is the extent of commitment and enthusiasm that employees have towards their organization, workplace and their own jobs. With millenials beginning to dominate the workforce, it is increasingly important for employers to understand and implement successful employee engagement measures.

Employee engagement is not equivalent to "employee incentives" in a materialistic sense - it is the emotional variant of it. An engaged and emotionally invested employee will always go an extra mile for the organization. In other words, employee engagement is an investment that can be measured and is mutually beneficial to both employers and employees.

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