Dubai Airports Case Study

Dubai Airports conducts online studies using QuestionPro to gather data for improving customer experience.

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Gathering decision-relevant information at Dubai Airports - QuestionPro Case Study


Dubai Airports, as an airport authority, owns and controls all the airports in the Emirate of Dubai. It manages the operation of both of Dubai’s airports – Dubai International (DXB), the world’s number one hub for international passenger traffic, and Dubai World Central (DWC). With an aim to be the best airport management organization, Dubai Airports is revolutionizing the way they look at and improve customer experience, airport operations and cargo management. The company has adopted a continuous learning approach and is always looking at initiatives that are working the most, take corrective actions to improve the ones that are not. Dubai Airports is already leading when it comes to international passenger volume. Their core efforts focus on an enriched passenger experience. The company in its continued pursuit for a world-class air travel experience for its passengers and airlines does face a few challenges.


- Finding ways to efficiently measure the experience of the Airport’s passengers.
- Gauge what worked and what did not with regards to customer experience.
- Implementing measures that enable data collection at strategic locations throughout the Airports.
- Access to real-time data analysis for efficient and faster decision making.
- Use real-time data to act instantaneously to situations and remedy them.


With the high volume of flights and air-travelling passengers on the rise, management gets complex. You have to take into account your basic airport management, customer operations, security checks, luggage management and many other things.


After collaborating with QuestionPro, the client observed the below:

- The average user logs in 2 - 3 times more often than before.
- It was observed that nearly every CX metric shows progressive growth.
- Real-time customer feedback enables the company to test innovations with ease.
- Considerable growth in the client loyalty index has also been observed.
- The data armed Dubai Airports to look at past trends and make informed decisions that helped improve airport operations, customer experience and overall airport management.

Project Steps
  1. Briefing from Dubai Airports
  2. Survey design through QuestionPro
  3. Survey creation and translation for different markets by QuestionPro
  4. Survey goes live in the worldwide panel and permanent control of the fieldwork by QuestionPro
  5. Data cleansing
  6. Creation of a report for Data cleansing

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