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Applicant Experience Survey Solutions for Career Builder, resulting in a 75% increase in the intelligence revenue.

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Applicant Experience Survey Solutions for CareerBuilder Case Study

Personified, a division of CareerBuilder, is the leading business intelligence consulting firm focused on talent. They specialize in job seeker and employee research, human capital consulting and talent sourcing and screening. As part of their services, they aim to provide their clients with business intelligence, on a brand level as well as industry-wide.

In order to help their clients gain more insight, CareerBuilder launched the Applicant Experience Surveys with the goals of helping brands understand:

  1. Talent demographics
  2. Employment brand interaction
  3. The efficiency of their recruitment processes
  4. The efficacy of their advertising
  5. The impact of their recruitment team

QuestionPro partnered closely with the CareerBuilder team to integrate various technologies and make the entire survey experience seamless, which resulted in the CareerBuilder Applicant Experience offering. This service benchmarks the application process by automatically surveying prospective employees within 24 hours of their interaction with any recruiting advertisement. A month later a second survey goes out to those same applicants to gain further responses on their experience throughout the interview process. This information is tracked and updated in real-time each night, and fed into a customer portal that allows companies to view the unbiased opinions of applicants, the efficacy of different campaigns and approaches, and compare those results over time.

Since implementing the QuestionPro services as part of their Applicant Experience service offering, CareerBuilder has seen:

  1. 1.7 million completed surveys
  2. Over 3,500 companies accessing the intelligence provided by the QuestionPro survey results
  3. Implementation of the Applicant Experience Survey offering in 10 countries and multiple languages
  4. a 75% increase in the intelligence revenue to the Personified brand
  5. leadership in the market as one of the only firms with this particular intelligence offering

With results like that, it’s no surprise that Personified has plans to continue the relationship with QuestionPro in the future. “QuestionPro really knows how to partner with a business. We have come to view them as an extension of our own company,” says Sanja Licinia, Senior Director, Talent Intelligence and Consulting at Personified, “One of their greatest attributes is their commitment to innovation, which is one of the cornerstones of our business as well. They continue to evolve, add features, and maintain the same level of customer service that is so important to us.”

Recruiting Strategies According to a Pew Research report, 52 million Americans are searching the Internet in the hopes of finding a job. A report from the Society of Human Resources Management stated that the average cost per hire from a campaign was $377 in comparison to the average cost per hire of $3,295 for newspaper hiring. With results and dollars like that, it is important to be able to improve recruiting in real-time as it affects both experiences as well as finances.Using QuestionPro tools ensures that the user experience is seamless so that more respondents are likely to give businesses the information that they need to harness and understand the growing online workforce.

Client Feedback Surveys Client attraction and retention is key to maintaining customer relationships. Whether you’re finding out how a particular project went, how users interface with your web site, or collecting suggestions for an upcoming engagement, it is important to maintain industry survey best practices. According to Forrester Research’s article “The Four Essentials Of Effective Web Site Intercept Surveys,” two of the four best practices for online feedback (beyond survey content) are “streamlined experiences and usable interfaces”. QuestionPro leading software ensures not only an accessible and streamlined experience for the survey taker, but also for the survey creator. This allows companies to collect meaningful feedback while also ensuring a straightforward and streamlined experience for the user.